Someone Find Me Something to Paint!

I adore this print ad for Benjamin Moore's "ben" line of paints.

It's an excellent example of the power of good type treatment and use of color. The typefaces and colors are so engaging that the point comes across even if you don't take the time to read the ad. For readers like me, the outcome is a charming (and sometimes nostalgic) feeling - probably exactly what the copywriter was trying to evoke.

The "ben" line is clearly being marketed to a younger demographic, but they're doing a great job of not going over the top trying to be cool. Instead of building a whole new website, the line has its own microsite on, which I think adds credibility. It's professional and easy to navigate, and brings up the fact that the line is eco-friendly without hitting you over the head with it.

My one problem with the ad: "Hot Lips." Really, after all that about the popsicles and the cough syrup, they couldn't have come up with something a little better that "Hot Lips" for the name of the paint? Bad name aside, I think the ad is phenomenal and look forward to painting my future apartment all different shades of "ben."

*Update: Ben has released a really neat iPhone app. You can take a picture of a color you like and it will show you the closest match of Ben paint. Love it!


Moi said...

I love it too! I am an interior designer and a huge fan of benjamin moore - I am glad to see they are being innovative with their marketing-
interesting blog!

Anne's Friend said...

Hot Lips is kind of unoriginal huh - sounds like every other tube of lipstick, nail polish, etc. out there. cute post!
I want to paint my room grape popsicle!

Ben Leis said...

Nice ad but I would love to see this message conveyed more powerfully with the use of sound and video.

Adrienne Waldo said...

Moi - cool to hear from an interior designer's perspective that you like the ad. Do you think it's enough to get you to buy the paint or would you need more information?

Anne's Friend - seriously! I was shocked to see such a generic name after they came up with so many other cute descriptors for the shades that went into it...

Ben Leis - I agree. I would love to see this campaign expanded into other mediums. There's definitely a lot that can be done with it. It's a new line, so hopefully their marketing initiatives aren't stopping here... Be honest though, you secretly just want to see your name on TV. Or maybe it will go viral and all your friends will be sending around a video with your name as the star. Gosh Ben, narcissistic much?

(Kidding, kidding...)

Benjamin Leis said...

You got me Adrienne. When I read this post I just had to comment. I want to see the "This Ben Won't Run" ad campaign where I stand against a white wall and get blasted with buckets of paint without batting an eyelash. Then describing the taste of the paint whether it be a Grape Popsicle or Spicy Mustard. Maybe funfetti cupcake, wasabi or smoked salmon?!

Anonymous said...

Good type treatment? If this is what a Millennial thinks is good advertising, I'm scared for the future.

Why would anyone stop to read this ad when it's almost illegible? This is just bad design, plain and simple.

It's clear this was done by some mid-level art director trying to show off his photoshop skills and a copywriter who couldn't edit.

Way too over done. Way too unreadable. Nothing but a total mess that no one will take the time to try and read.

As a creative director, if a team brought me this ad I'd tell them to show off and create something that actually attracts the reader instead of forcing them to turn the page.

Adrienne Waldo said...

I wrote about this ad because I personally love it. I'm no expert on advertising design and don't claim to be, but it appealed to me right away (and I'm not the only one - see above comments). Considering I'm the definition of their target audience, I think that makes it good for its purpose, no? I could certainly be wrong. If you had been the Creative Director for this account and nixed it, you would have lost your client a loyal customer and brand ambassador... That's all I'm sayin'.

Mongo said...

Yes, exactly! I definitely agree that as millennials, we must all stand together!

This is a wonderful blog. I love it!