Dentyne's "Make Face Time" Campaign

I am absolutely crazy about the most recent Dentyne campaign.

It is fun, warm, unique and targets Millennials without being patronizing. I think the essential goodness of this campaign comes from its genuine nature. It doesn't seem to ostracize any one specific group, which tends to happen more often than not when a campaign is online-themed (I'm thinking of ads that use cyberspeak - of which I am not fluent). I imagine it will resonate equally with two completely opposite groups of people - those who spend a lot of time online, and those who hardly use the web at all. But don't get me wrong, the rest of us love it too.

The commercial ties in well with the print. The song selection, "Summer Day" by Coconut Records, comes across pleasantly quirky, the setting is beautiful, and the whole thing leaves me feeling happy (in stark contrast to the Pepsi commercial from yesterday's post).

On top of all that, Dentyne designed their web site so that it shuts down after three minutes. It would be a risky move, except they were smart enough to freeze the timer on the product page.

Altogether a fantastic campaign.


Lindsay said...

I love this campaigne too! The subway ads always make me smile.

Anonymous said...

These ads are so warm, trhey make you want to hug someone and smile. I love them too! They're sweet!